That Sinking Feeling

Posted on Jun 14, 2009

This morning, I read a couple of articles in the recent AOPA Flight Training magazines that are great articles for student pilots but also good reminders for those of us that are licensed. The first one was titled “Boing: No more bounces, skips, or balloons.” Basically it discussed the learned perception that pilots acquire to […]

Getting to Know the Bay Area Airspace

Posted on Jun 10, 2009

Last year, I earned my pilot’s license on July 5, 2008…one of the most challenging experiences of my life. And I’d flown a little more than 40 hours in a six week period to earn my license. But all my flying was done in the Chicago area and I live in California. So I knew […]

Bay Area Sunset Flights

Posted on Jun 2, 2009

Come one, come all! California is an absolutely gorgeous place to fly and it’s doesn’t get any better than flying around the SF Bay Area around sunset. I’ve been fortunate to fly the skies a few times when the sun sliding below the horizon. The air is smooth and the sky has a beautiful hue. […]